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Mike Schneider 891 - Ken Miller 772

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2015 Newsletters
4 January Greiner Zoning Violations
16 January Emergency Management Email - Japanese Erotic Blog?
23 January Re-Org Meeting
30 January Roadmaster Pay Raise
06 February Salty Roads
14 February 2014 Legal Counsel Costs
19 February Horse Show Eminent Domain Reminder
24 February 2014 Budget vs Actual
2 March Is there 5 acre zoning or not?
8 March Emergency Management Money
14 March Steven Siana Gets Agitated
21 March Chris Peeples Gets Bullied
29 March Chris Peeples Bullying Continues
30 March A Correction
1 April TDR Quagmire
8 April Vote For Mike Schneider
21 April Steve Siana's Illegal Ordinance
25 April Mike Schneider Info
2 May Draft Bills List
6 May Types of People Who May Vote For Miller
9 May Get The Bad People Out
11 May Ken Miller's Incorrect Claims
12 May So, Where Does He Really Live?
13 May Incorrect Claims About Mike Schneider
14 May Missy Bertolami's Letter
15 May April 27 BOS Meeting Video
16 May 4 Days From the Primary election
17 May Democrat Endorsement
18 May Ken Miller's All About the Money
19 May Get Out And Vote
20 May The Results are Out
24 May Kit Trolier Is Flustered
1 June Kit, Thanks For Reminding Me
15 June Kit and the Case of the Missing Track Hoe
19 June The Long and Flooded Road
24 June WVV Facebook Page Error
24 July Road Woes - Part I
26 July Road Woes - Part II - The Roadmaster Strikes Back (barely)
8 August Solid as a Rock?
14 August Short Sightedness of Those Supervisors
22 August 525.72% Over Budget! Yep, You Read That Right.
28 August Botch Job on Flint Road
1 September West Vincent Township's ORIGINAL Community Day
3 September $16,000 Tree Incident
12 September YouTube Video Reaction
18 September Not The Roadmaster's Finest Moment
26 September Low Performing Bond
30 September Ken Miller - So Much To Lose
4 October Ken Miller's latest Campaign Finance Report
7 October It's incompetence...right?
9 October Ken Miller repeatedly ignores the proper and legal ways to do things
11 October Jim Wendelgass claims he was mistaken
13 October West Vincent Voices = Ken Miller's Unofficial Campaign Headquarters
16 October Performance Bond Misdirection
20 October Mike Schneider's boss?
22 October "I think the whole trail system is a stupid idea" - Ken Miller
24 October LCHSA Board sets the record straight
26 October Blog Post from Chester County Ramblings
28 October Trail Correction
28 October Historic Birchrun Schoolhouse Debacle
29 October Illegal Bids
30 October Signs Signs, Everywhere a Sign
31 October Ken Miller Sued for Non-Payment (more than once!?!)
31 October Another Posting from Chester County Ramblings
1 November Talk to your neighbors. Get them out to vote
1 November Ken Miller's proxies - Lying or just ignorant?
2 November Ken Miller sued again?!?
4 November The Good Guys Won
6 November DLN Article About Schneider
4 December Back To Business - Blackhorse Road Project
13 December Blackhorse Road Project Cont.
14 December Agenda Nonsense
22 December Changes proposed before New Admin

2016 Newsletters
4 January Rocks on Bartlett Lane
18 January Blackhorse Road and Bartlett Lane
10 February Background to the Start of 2016
15 February Park and Recreation Board expands