West Vincent Infos 2014
Fighting corruption in West Vincent Township
Not a pretty site - but then I am not dealing with a pretty subject!
Chickenman's emails - giving factual information about the goings on in West Vincent

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2014 Newsletters

15 January Charity benefit for Miller
21 January WVT computer problems continue
5 February Road warnings from Sara
11 February David Brown restricts comment
14 February Bad weather checklist
14 March Employers Contribution to HSA
26 March Schoolhouse property purchase
13 April Health Savings Account
14 April Corrections
1 May David Brown in the drink
17 May Remember to vote
20 May Please vote
23 May Election results
30 May Greiner continues illegal operations
1 June Emergency Management
12 July Censorship continues
3 August Siana bills over budget
10 August Budgeted expenditure review
23 August Sidewalk to elementary school
16 September Greiner zoning case cost
23 September DL Fleck snow plowing contract
2 October Miller debt revisited
12 October Draft vs. Actual Bills
30 October Where's the Trash Task Force report?
9 November West Vincent Budget
3 December Masarra Compensation Payment
18 December Wasteful On-Site Flu Shots
26 December Trash Task Force Report
30 December Website Committee