West Vincent Infos 2013
Breaking News: Honesty won the day
Congratulations to the winners:
John Jacobs, Supervisor
Michael Schneider, Tax Collector
Maria Holderness, Auditor
Louise Rutter, Judge of Elections
Suzanne Nastase, Inspector of Elections
Tonya Helwig, Judge of Elections

Fighting corruption in West Vincent Township
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Chickenman's emails - giving factual information about the goings on in West Vincent
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2013 Newsletters
1 January Schoolhouse Advert
4 January Pipeline #1
7 January Pipeline #2
17 January Wendelgass, Miller, increased pay
26 January  Questionable ethics
1 February Roads funds mismanaged
11 February Tractor bid package
16 February Bid setup admitted
22 February Zoning laws not enforced
22 February More about the dog massacre
1 March Snow and Ice removal bid
14 March WVT website obfiscurated
22 March Kit judging herself
29 March Mowing contract manipulation
5 April Miller subsidies
14 April Miller's huge income
20 April High per capita taxes
27 April Save our Frogs
12 May Jobs not advertised
14 May Candidates
18 May Otteni opposed Wounded Warriers home
20 May Otteni's false claim
27 May John Jacobs won
2 June WVT Farmers Market
11 June  Farmers Market # 2
22 June Farmers Market #3
8 July Update on DL Fleck
13 July 'Anonymous' donation
19 July BOS cancellation and Mowing
9 August TDR financing
18 August Equipment Rental and Labor bid
6 September Birchrunville Development
14 October Snow Removal Bid
16 October Birchrunville Schoolhouse
27 October Candidates
28 October  Wounded warrior group home
29 October  Otteni is a Republican
30 October  Otteni Donors
31 October Otteni and Eminent Domain
1 November Sierra Club endorsement?
2 November Electoral prohibitions
3 November  John Jacobs saved $millions
4 November  Some Updates
5 November Get out and vote!
5 November Vote John Jacobs
5 November Still time to vote
5 November Brown speaks for Otteni
5 November Vote for honesty
5 November Readers letters
5 November Situation vacant
5 November Still time to vote
6 November Honesty won
8 November The Old Powder Mill
16 November  Old Powder Mill part 2
30 November Subversive supervisors
6 December Two parcel surprise
13 December Municipal code
20 December Admin abuses resident over Act 247
22 December Zoning map amended
27 December Why do people support Miller?