West Vincent Infos 2012
Fighting corruption in West Vincent Township
Not a pretty site - but then I am not dealing with a pretty subject!
Chickenman's emails - giving factual information about the goings on in West Vincent

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2012 newsletters
4 January Clare Quinn Health Benefits
5 January Auditors meeting
6 January Newspaper reports
7 January Volunteer positions open
8 January BOS January 3 meeting
8 January Pam Brown Corrective Ordinance
9 January Eminent Domain article
10 January Oops re Pam Brown CO
11 January 205th edition
12 January Read the Bills List
15 January See West Pikeland
16 January Martin Luther King birthday
18 January W Pikeland cut salaries
22 January Pam Brown Corrective Ordinance
25 January P B Corrective Ordinance Delayed
25 January Like a Jilted Lover?
27 January P B Corrective Ordinance typos?
31 January Miller's Manure
3 February More Miller's Manure
5 February Miller Farm EPA report
6 February More on the EPA report
10 February Skeet Club closed
13 February P Brown Corrective Ordinance again
13 February Update from LCHS
17 February Lack of minutes
19 February More on missing minutes
19 February Old minutes
25 February Road construction costs
26 February Muzzling the people
1 March Planning commission meeting
2 March Violation of PA State Law
3 March Correction
4 March Brown to regulate public comments
6 March Disappearing video
10 March Funny WVT financing
13 March D L Fleck foreclosures
18 March WVT over budget
22 March Fleck's Million Dollar foreclosure
25 March Dunn's TDRs are back
28 March Pam Brown Corrective Ordinance again
31 March  Birchrun Village and Dunns
5 April Length of meetings
8 April Millers debts.  Again.
11 April Ken Miller's Lawyers
19 April Daily News, David Brown
22 April David Brown, Kit Trolier
22 April WV Republican Committee
26 April Election results
28 April Trash disposal Volunteers
6 May Cpl Granville Cantrell
8 May Road closure
21 May Interesting Bills List
25 May High mowing bid
1 June Electioneering has begun
6 June Electioneering continues
22 June  Mr Pitz at F&P
24 June Union contract
26 June The Old Township Building
8 July Cloaked Bid Package
13 July Donations
14 July Old schoolhouse development
18 July The Private Party for Zoe
23 July More about the party
27 July My unhappy birthday and ZAPP
3 August Police - 9% increase
5 August The Daily Salvo
12 August Birchrunville people
15 August Trash collection
19 August Reader's letters about trash
22 August More letters
26 August Hilltop Road
30 August New posting board
5 September Refuting J Wendelgass letter
27 September Trash Task Force and Public Yard Sale
15 October Legal costs exceed budget already
17 October Transparency withdrawn
20 October Semi private party
5 November Legal budget exceeded
20 November  Snow removal/Fleck's debts
4 December  Clare Quinn and Bryn Coed 1/3
8 December  Help the school
9 December  Bryn Coed Part 2/3
11 December Raw milk problem
14 December  Bryn Coed Part 3/3
22 December Birchrunville Schoolhouse