Early in 2012 the Daily Local News remade their website.  In the process the links to all previous pages were changed.  The pages all seem to be still there, if you can find them, but my links to all sorts of pages before April no longer work.  Also all of those funny, poignant, hard hitting and logical comments on those articles have disappeared, which is sad, I personally found the comments often more interesting than the article itself.

So if links before March 2012 no longer work, and you miss the comments, please don't blame me!  Write to the Daily Local News!

The Daily Local News today in some ways is just a shadow of it's former self.   It is now so difficult to add a comment that there are rarely any comments to be found.  The pages now are much slower to load, and there is so much advertising they could change their name to the Daily Advertiser.  Still, the content of the articles is as good as before, something to be thankful for.

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