Here is Who I Am from Clare's site

Well Clare you seem to have got it pretty well right when you describe your shortcomings.  

Except on the last 2 points.  I don't believe that you are bought and paid for just because the township's law firm contributed $1100 to your campaign expenses in 2007, I believe there is a great deal more than that, but well hidden.  And I don't believe that you are controlled by Ken Miller.  I think you are in cahoots with Ken Miller.  See what I originally wrote.

You say Clare, that you are frustrated because you do not have my mailing list.  Well Clare, if you were to go along and ask to be supplied with the township mailing list, to support your political ends, well, yes, that would be totally incorrect.  I am glad you did not do that.  But some years ago the township openly published the township mailing list and I willingly admit I incorporated that freely published list in my own list.  If you could obtain that list, as it was published, you could use it. However it will now be somewhat out of date, and in any case is now only a fraction of my total mailing list since there have been a great many additions and several  removals since those early days.

But there is absolutely nothing stopping you from creating your own list and telling your side of things in, as you put it, an email blast.

Or, of course, you could write to me.  I'll include your letter.

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