Chickenman and his candidates, Hester, Holderness, and Malasics claim that

West Vincent Government is insufficiently transparent. 

SOME BACKGROUND: After Barry DiLibero was removed from office by the Court of Common Pleas, he began videotaping the Board of Supervisors meeting.  Shortly thereafter, the Board learned from another township that DiLibero had approached OJR's Wildcat TV about broadcasting his tapes. The township informed Brain Sponagle, the person in charge of Wildcat TV, that DLibero did not represent the township, and that the township could not certify that the contents of his videos were an accurate, unedited representation of the township meetings.  Wildcat TV then let DiLibero know that they would not broadcast his videos.

With the help of a friendly reporter at the Daily Local, DiLibero and other members of the Chickenman league, including Hester and Holderness, orchestrated a loud chorus of complaints about the township's lack of "transparency," despite the fact that the township followed all rules governing open meetings and records. In fact, with the exception of Pottstown Borough and Phoenixville Borough, no nearby municipality broadcast its meetings on public access TV, probably owing the expense to do so:  A bid the Board of Supervisors solicited from the contractor who filmed Phoenixville's meeting outlined costs in the range of $35,000 a year, including equipment and labor.  After declining to accept the bid and another lower, but still costly, bid and after also declining to create audiotapes owing to their user-unfriendliness, the township opted to put its own videotapes on its website.

Here's the truth and the proof

During my time on the board, all public meetings have included unlimited time for public discussion from anyone who chooses to participate, township records are available for inspection, all public notice requirements are scrupulously followed, and videos of township meetings have been available on the township website since late 2010. Take a look for yourself.


Isn't a little strange that Hester, Holderness, and Malasics, the folks affiliated with an anonymous emailer who allows no public forum for response to the charges he/they level, are accusing the township of a lack of transparency?