Here is Taxes from Clare's site.

Well first, I said very little about the taxes in my emails.  I mostly presented the views of 2 candidates, and followed up by quoting a letter I received from a Tax collector in a neighboring township.

But here goes.  Yes I did initially say taxes had gone up by 25% but this was an error which I corrected within a couple of days, to 13.58%.  

Then follows an incredible piece of incomprehensible wriggling from Clare.  I would have thought it blindingly obvious how you calculate taxes paid per head.  You take the total taxes paid, which astoundingly, should be exactly the same as the total tax receipts and then you divide this amount by the total number of inhabitants.  Nothing could be simpler.  You get tax paid per head.

It has no necessary connection with mill rates or any other tax rates for that matter.  The only thing that worries most people is how much money is being taken from their pockets.

Yes Clare has a point about population changes.  The figures were the best available at the time and yes they were based on the previous census the figures but Clare, when you make your calculations based on West Vincent's population increase, remember that most townships had population increases too so West Vincent's position at or near the top in the table of high tax paying townships remains much the same.  See my letter of 15 May.

She then follows with an amazing statement, that it is not necessarily a good thing when taxes per head go down.  Whoa, hold on there Clare, you mean it is a GOOD THING when taxes go up?  Really?

Next she accuses the candidates she is complaining about, Hester and Holderness, of deliberately mixing tax rates and tax receipts. Hold it there Clare, again!  You are the one that brought in tax rates to confuse the issue - the two candidates have only referred to tax paid, never to tax rates.  They never mentioned tax rates, you did. And yes, they do know what they are talking about when it comes to numbers, since, as you correctly point out, the one was a teacher, the other is an accountant.

Clare gives what she says are the numbers that matter, the tax rates.  Look Clare.  To me, and probably most other people, actual tax rates are unimportant. I don't care what the tax rates are.  It's the amount I pay, the amount that comes out of my pocket, that's what I care about.

And my last point.  You might imagine that the tax collector of a neighboring township might have some idea about taxes?  Ben LaGarde wrote "I was asked for my opinion on this since I am the Tax Collector in nearby Upper Uwchlan Township.  For what it’s worth, Ms. Holderness’ methods make sense to me and take all municipal tax variations into account.  West Vincent does appear to be highly taxed, no matter how one looks at it."

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