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Under truth and proof Clare correctly lists my allegations that Pam Brown received favorable treatment in her development, except I never claimed she cut down 'vast' numbers of 'specimen trees',  I said "She chopped down trees which housed deer, squirrels and owls" and I referred to "stately looking pines 70' tall".   I made no mention of vast numbers nor of specimen trees.  Clare is again misrepresenting the issue by misquoting me.

I also never claimed that there was a minimum lot size for TDR's, I said 'generally speaking' there was a minimum lot size, and therefore Pam received favorable treatment.  And of course no one expressed concerns about the fairness in connection with the people she mentions because there was nothing wrong or underhand about these transactions!  See my email.

Pam did NOT have the right to build an accessory dwelling.  It may well be that all of the township's TDR agreements allow accessory dwellings but Pam signed an additional document agreeing not to build any further dwellings on the property.   I have no idea why she signed this agreement, but sign it she most certainly did.

Since she did not have the right to build any further dwelling it is not really relevant whether the building was of appropriate size under the accessory dwelling size regulations.  But on top of lack of any right to build it WAS larger than would have been permitted.  There was no confusing language. For more information see here.

I suspect Barry DiLibero's lack of objections at the time may have been because he was not aware of the covenants existing on the property.  Indeed, this covenant was only discovered when someone prompted my interest and further investigation by accusing me of unfairly attacking Pam Brown.

As far as cutting trees down goes I never suggested it was illegal or that they were specimen trees.  Clare seems frequently to divert any line of attack by claiming things I didn't say. I simply asked whether it was normal for a conservationalist to cut down so many trees.  Conservationalists generally like to conserve things.

I do not know anything about Jeff Hester and Tom Helwig  removing trees apart from what I have read on Clare's site.  I have never seen the sawmill invoice and it certainly never appeared in one of my newsletters.

As to the aerial shots of Pam's property.  Wow!  They were taken from Google, and as far as being stupid goes, I think Clare is being really stupid in thinking that ANYONE could fail to notice that one shot was in full leaf and the other before the trees had leafed out.

Here are before and after photos showing the area of the new house.

Now can anyone really tell me the only difference between the two is because the trees had more leaves in one photo than the other?
(Here are the before and after photos showing all the property)

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