Hey Chickenman - my responses to Clare Quinn's responses to my emails

Clare Quinn has devoted several pages on her website to me.  I'm honored!  I'm also impressed with her site.    I wish I could make a site like that. 

I'm not so impressed with the content though, generally, it's just, well,  plain wrong.  You can find out what I actually DID say on the start page.

I think the most amazing claim she makes is that I make "unsubstantiated" charges!  Wow, there are links to the Daily Local, there are photographs, there are copies of documents and links to documents, I wonder what more could be done to produce 'substantiated' charges!  I can't really send out the original documents with my newsletters.

Here are all the pages she presents, and my responses.


Hey Chickenman

Open Space Program



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Who I am

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