Here is Legal Fees from Clare's site

Thank goodness Clare agrees that the legal fees are high.  Some agreement at last!

At least the legal costs have now reduced from 8 times any adjacent township to only 5 times as much as I noted in a newsletter.

But the reason's given for the high costs in West Vincent are somewhat thin.  Everybody, on everything, has to consider whether the expenditure is worth it.  Was it worth spending $30,000 just to prove Barry DiLibero did not live in West Vincent?  Strikes me there was more than a bit of a vendetta going on there.

But knock off that $30,000 from my original figures, and West Vincent was 'only' spending $31 per head.  Compared to say $3.65 per head for Upper Uchwlan.  Nine times as much! Take the highest spending neighbor, West Pikeland, there they spent $6.60 per head on legal fees.

As far as legal negotiations go, I actually asked Barry DiLibero about this.  He told me he didn't tell ANYONE that he intended to fire township staff and that blaming him is totally untrue.

So the third point is, it's my fault?  With, Clare says, 'trumped up or exaggerated claims'? Claims that were backed up by documentation, photographs, links to documents on the Internet.  

So it's hypocrisy to point out areas of maladministration?

Rather than spending a fortune trying to defend these claims, better not to do the things that cause me to investigate.

All the neighboring townships have legal problems.  West Vincent should not be spending so much over the average.

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