Here is Hey Chickenman from Clare's site.  Note that she purports to answer the point raised in my email, but she does nothing of the sort!

She quotes me - correctly - as saying "Clare Quinn explained to the township meeting audience that it was funded by the Marcellus Shale tax, which does not exist."

She quotes from the minutes of the meeting and her quote includes  "He was informed that there is no cost to the Township and that the income to support this will be coming from the Marcus Shale Tax."

She then discusses Resolution 15-2011.  THAT'S NOT WHAT I WAS COMPLAINING ABOUT CLARE!  You know that the point was that there is NO Marcellus Shale Tax and NO Legislation for a Marcellus Shale Tax. Yet you said that  Growing Greener will be paid for by the Marcellus Shale Tax which simply is NOT true.

She then says that this yet another instance of my contemptuous opinion of my readers' intelligence!!!!  To quote her own words this "would be laughable if it were not malicious"

Sorry Clare.  You'll have to do better than that.

By the way here's a video someone posted on YouTube on the subject

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