Here is Do you Know these Candidates from Clare's web site

I don't really know why Clare knocks various candidates under a section of her site intended to be knocking me.  But here goes.

Question 1.
I really don't know anything about this.  It doesn't ring true though. Maybe someone could help?

Question 2.
My exposure of Pam Brown is nothing to do with Holderness and Malasics.  And I most certainly did not trample all over the Dunn family, I just said the township had not gone ahead with a promise to purchase.  In no way could that be considered trampling. In fact I support the Dunn family.

Question 3
I did not steal the township mailing list.  It was freely published by the township and in any case is only a small part of my current mailing list.  I do not run a smear campaign, I deal in truth and honesty.  If Clare considers that to be a smear campaign, sobeit. For Clare to put the word documents inside quotation marks is silly, the documents I quote are all real documents. Nothing is exaggerated or twisted, and I have yet to see any actual facts to counter any of my so called lies.  I never even saw Hester's sawmill bill, never mind published it.

Clare's remarks about Hester sound rubbish to me.  Certainly it is Clare who is trying to call a tax increase a tax decrease.

With regard to what he (Hester) won't tell you I don't think the first 3 points Clare poses are relevant to anything, and the last point - too long to quote - seems fine to me.

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