Clare Clucks Back

What is Cluck Back?

To put it simply, Cluck Back is my response to the Chickenman emails that have been sent anonymously to township residents and others since last summer. Chickenman is the mouthpiece for Barry DiLibero, the supervisor removed from office by the Court of Common Pleas, and among others, the supervisor and auditor candidates he is supporting in this year's election: Jeff Hester, Maria Holderness, Rich Malasics, and Ronnie Monteith.

Who is Chickenman?

Over the past several years, ousted supervisor Barry DiLibero has dedicated himself to discrediting West Vincent Township's Board of Supervisors, their employers and businesses, volunteer committee members, staff, and contractors. To this end, he has assembled a small but determined group of disgruntled residents--including candidates Jeff Hester, Maria Holderness, Rich Malasics, and Veronica Monteith--to advance his cause by coming to township meetings with carefully rehearsed complaints, filing nuisance allegations against the supervisors with various state agencies, and/or telling anyone who will listen about the supposed malfeasance of the township administration.

Since summer of 2010, one or more supporters of this group has sent anonymous email blasts to addresses taken improperly from the township mailing list to make a number of unsubstantiated charges against me, my fellow supervisors, and private citizens. Originally signed West Vincent Infos, these emails are now signed by Chickenman.