Here is Cluck-back from Clare's site

Well I am not a mouthpiece for anyone.  I am simply a supporter of truth and honesty and openness in local government, and if that aligns me with those people that Clare mentions, well, sobeit.

Clare refers to a "small but determined group of disgruntled residents--including candidates Jeff Hester, Maria Holderness, Rich Malasics, and Veronica Monteith--to advance his cause by coming to township meetings with carefully rehearsed complaints, filing nuisance allegations against the supervisors with various state agencies"  Well I would not agree with the statement about "carefully rehearsed complaints" or of "filing nuisance allegations" etc.  But just as an example, and to show how Clare is making this stuff up, Veronica Monteith has NEVER EVER been to a single township meeting never mind everything else claimed!

I resent the suggestion that I write to addresses taken improperly from the township mailing list. The township list was openly published on at least two occasions,
See here, and in any case my mailing list is now vastly larger than the town mailing list.  I guess more people want to receive my mails than township mails.

Clare refers to "unsubstantiated" charges!  Wow, there are links to the Daily Local, there are photographs, there are copies of documents and links to documents, I wonder what more could be done to produce 'substantiated' charges!

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