Happy New Year to all.  Me, I'm still around, next operation booked for early March. I can't run very fast but there you go.  I feel OK.

The new year in West Vincent has started out interestingly enough. The Township Secretary was not reappointed. There were some protests and questions about it but the Supervisors are not allowed to talk about it, due to employment law.  Within one week, the Treasurer was removed rather abruptly. Wow! I have to suspect there is far more to this than just wanting to get rid of an employee or two.

These vacancies have left the others in the Administration to pick up the slack. Even Supervisors Mike Schneider and John Jacobs are working in the office. Neither can be paid for any of the time they work for West Vincent Township, other than their Supervisor salary of $1875/year. Good for everyone for pitching in. 

As a side note, most people in the Township probably do not realize that John Jacobs has the Township health insurance but unlike previous Supervisors he pays for it in full out of his own pocket, reimbursing the township. (Mike Schneider does not get any insurance from the Township). When Ken Miller received insurance (as Roadmaster for 20 hours/week) it cost the taxpayers around $19,000 and when Clare Quinn lost her job after leading the Eminent Domain attack on the Ludwig's Horse Show and the Township paid her health insurance.

Much has changed for the better in the two years since Jacobs and Schneider have been in office. Here is another example. During the administration of Miller-Perkins-Quinn, the Treasurer died. How did they advertise for a Treasurer? With his obituary! That's all. That limited the potential choice effectively to those who were 'in the know'.  I wrote about this on 8 July, 2011. On 19 July, 2011 you can read a reader's letter that talks about someone at a Township meeting defending the use of the obituary to find the Treasurer replacement. The world has changed since the last time a Treasurer was needed. The current Administration is properly and publicly advertising for the vacant positions. No friends, no handing out special favors, not like last time.

For two years, the Supervisors have been trying to clean up the old ways of the former Administration. Let's hope it keeps going in the same direction.

Best Wishes.

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