Well we - meaning the people I supported - didn't win.  I think that's a mistake but there you go.  Congratulation to those that did win. I'll point out that I did describe Bernie as a 'good guy', I hope he can continue in that vein.

Here are some more readers letters, since there's not a lot else to say.

1. Gunga Din- LOL C-man !

2. Chicken man!  If it were not for you we would not know the truth of what goes on in this township!  Your work is appreciated.

3. You should make a habit of publishing public responses to your emails. Get's more chuckles than the old newspaper comic strips ... which I imagine were the basis for many newspaper sales.

4. Ha ha ha ha ha

5. Hi! Chickenman!………Your writings are a pleasure to read!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

6. Harriet Stone did win her seat as Judge of Elections.  Can she really take this seat???  It appears the rules are against this.  What do you think?

7. New email address.  OLD ***@verizon.net   NEW  ***@gmail.com   Thanks

8. For those of you who did not bother to come out to vote, I hope you are happy with your neighbor's choices.  Let's try to work along together with the new people.

9. Isn't it the job of government to keep us broke and distracted from our misery by SPORTS? Great Job Guys!!!

10. Glad your liver is OK.

Ah.  Regarding that last quote. Yes it is, thanks. Then yesterday I had a 4 hour hospital session checking into my confirmed cancer of the kidney.  Followed by a somewhat unbelieving doctor telling me their mapping scans found no evidence of cancer.  Sometimes life goes in your favor.

Best Wishes.

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