You know that common phrase, “History repeats itself”? Well here's a good example. Candidate for Judge of Elections at the Township building Harriet Stone WAS herself Judge of Elections 4 years ago, until people got smart to her and she was voted out.  Here is what happened to
Harriet Stone last time she ran for office. She held committee positions in the Township, in direct conflict with the law which states:

Look at 2 November, 2013 on my website. Harriet lost the election then and is now making an attempt to take back the position. But she  cannot. She is violating the law once again, holding committee positions within the Township, making her unqualified. She is still a member of the Environmental Advisory Committee. The EAC held a meeting in November and she was a participating member on the Board. Yes, there are pictures and video. This would make her in violation because the office of Judge of Elections starts January 1.
Additionally, while not illegal, while Harriet Stone was Judge of Elections she donated to Clare Quinn's Supervisor campaign (my email 15 May, 2011 with campaign reports) and Ted Otteni same thing (my email 30 October, 2013). Also, she donated to Ken Miller for the same (my email 4 October, 2015) in which I include a link to his early campaign reports (http://millers2015campaignreport.blogspot.com) which does not show the big donations she made later, so here they are:

Harriet Stone made $2500 in donations to a local candidate running for Supervisor just 2 years ago. Now generally there is no problem with that.  Except a judge of elections you would expect to be at least somewhat impartial.

So what do you think?  Should someone be standing for such an office when they are so obviously not impartial, and in any case very likely to be removed from office for violating the law if by chance they do succeed?

Best Wishes.

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