This year, the West Vincent Democrat Committee - the people who nominate the Democratic candidates - actually support someone from their own Party. For many years, they nominated no one at all, instead endorsing a Republican
who could not get Republican backing, the last one they endorsed in this way was Ken Miller.

This year, the Democrat running for Supervisor is actually a registered Democrat.  But he is a Republican that recently changed Party! That's right, Bernie Couris was a Republican right up until the time he announced he was running for Supervisor, February 6, 2017. My speculation is that he knew that the vetting process by the Republicans is stringent and that the odds would be against him due to a lack of knowledge about the Township and related subject matter. Also, perhaps, there was either no way he could pass the questionnaire or he knew there were better people vying for the endorsement. He was a Republican when he lived in West Conshohocken for many years and he was a Republican when he moved to West Vincent, just 2 short years ago. He switched Party for opportunity. In order to get Democrat votes, he is deceiving the Democrat base by telling them what they want to believe, that he is a Democrat. What Party does Bernie Couris really belong to? If there was an Opportunist Party, I think that would be the one! 
Here and here are the documents showing his party change from Republican to Democrat at the beginning of the campaign.
My point is not, for local elections, that one National Party is better than the other. This is about a person, what they believe, their knowledge and their experience. A person that puts forth actual solid beliefs, not a campaign of what "what would you like to see" feel good platitudes. A history of actions provides a window into the future. You will find the view of the future is great with George Dulchinos's past actions.

Best Wishes.

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