On October 25, candidate Couris posted the following on his Facebook page about the Ludwig's Corner Village Commercial Weatherstone area and George Dulchinos:

“This is why I am confused and concerned about the Ludwig’s Corner Phase 2 planning. George Dulchinos seems to be easy-going -- all development is good for the local economy, therefore all development is good.”

Well. In his statement Bernie attributes two qualities to George Dulchinos. The first, that George is easy going is absolutely true. He is. I think everyone who knows him would agree that. But the second quality Bernie infers, that George thinks all development is good, is just as equally untrue as the first is true!  He never said that or said anything that would prove that. 

Bernie says he is confused.  Well, again, one would hope that your local candidate is not so easily confused.  Because it is part of the of the job of a supervisor to be aware of what has happened in the past, most specifically if it is publicly available in the Township minutes.  You trust him to understand and to try and solve problems for the general benefit.

Here is a summary as I understand it from someone who thankfully is not trying to be a Township supervisor.  Me.

Weatherstone Commercial area has been approved for the last 15 years by a prior Administration. It has not been completed because the former Administration kept stalling the developer, keeping them from starting the project. The economy went sour in 2008 and the builder decided to finish building the Weatherstone residential instead. The residents of Weatherstone were sold on a walkable convenient commercial center and many bought for that reason. 15 years later, they have nothing. This year, the developer came to the Board to talk about starting to work on it and gave an updated plan which was accepted. It is a mix of retail and resident living, as the zoning allows.

I wonder if Bernie comprehends that ordinances have to be followed by both the Supervisors and the owner of a property. Zoning grants for the use of property. If the township violates those rights, a lawsuit ensues and it costs the taxpayers dearly.

As a result of living in West Vincent for the last 20 years and attending 4 or 5 meetings every month for the past 5 years George Dulchinos knows what's going on.  I believe he has a true concern for the well being of all residents.

Best Wishes.

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