In my last email I said "
I'm debating with myself what to tell you next.  More about what Bernie does NOT know, or more about what George Dulchinos DOES know?"  Well, I guess this is more about what they actually do than what they know.

As the election draws nearer, Democrat candidate Bernie Couris has been addressing the public on his Facebook page. He has been trying to paint the current Administration as a Board that doesn't care what the public has to say. I have proven this isn't true, listing all of the discussions by date. Bernie knows this, he has been there for several of those Supervisor meetings because the meetings were this year. Good thing the discussions were this year because he didn't start coming to meetings until March 2017, just after he started his election run. I guess he thought it might be a good idea if he gave the impression he cared about the community.

Bernie states the following in one of his posts:
The BoS did not appear interested in what we had to say. The period of public comment was held directly before the vote to open the gate, which makes it appear that the BoS had already made up their minds before hearing from the people affected.
Why? What’s the rush? We have practical problems to address here. Let’s tackle them fairly and give enough time to weigh our options.”

In 2009, when Bernie Couris was a Councilman for the Borough of West Conshohocken, the municipality purchased a school building. The Council voted 4-1 to tear the old school building down, despite public dissent AND the opposing vote Councilman begging to table the issue for 3-6 months while a resident survey was conducted. The motion died because he could not get a Second. Bernie Couris voted to tear down the building after a short public comment. He didn't care.

So in Bernie's words, “what's the rush”? Bernie had no extended discussions, nor did he second a motion to table the discussion for 3-6 months to evaluate the issue. The gavel came down and the decision was made.  When he makes these statements about the current Administration, they are totally contradictory to what he has done in the past. Furthermore, the statements he is making I have proven by way of dates and videos are patently false. Did you think that people wouldn't find out who you really are? There's plenty more out there. Actions speak louder than words.

Here's the article:

Bernie Couris tears down old schools, George Dulchinos fights to save them. History and open space, it's important to George Dulchinos.

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