In my last email, I quoted from Bernie Couris' facebook page, where he was claiming Township Administration was not transparent, and I think I answered that. However, to re quote

““During the meeting, a neighbor asked, “Why are there no planned discussions regarding the plans to purchase part of Bryn Coed Farms? Why haven’t we gotten to hear from the Open Space Committee?”

Bernie asks
"Good question, right?”

Well, it's a good question, but a Supervisor candidate should not need to ask it. 
The Open Space Committee meets once a month and there have been 7 meetings this year. The meetings are open to the public and the Open Space Committee has spoken about Bryn Coed at the following 2017 meetings:

June 27
July 25
August 22
September 26

That means that over half of the meetings this year had discussions about Bryn Coed. On top of that there was a meeting in which the Open Space Committee made a field trip to the Bryn Coed Farm. Sara Shick even invited herself. That action would make it a public meeting also, even though it isn't listed in the schedule on the website. So 5 out of 8.  How much more do they have to talk about it?

If Bernie went to any Open Space meeting, he would know about these discussions. But consider this: Bernie has been a member of the Sustainability Committee since the beginning of 2016. In his first year with the committee he went to only 7 of the 12 meetings held.  That is not a very good attendance record for someone who wants to be a Township Supervisor.  He is now the CHAIRMAN of that Committee but couldn't remember (or didn't know) if his committee needed to deliver a yearly report to the Supervisors (WVT Board of Supervisor Minutes 6/19/2017).

I'm debating with myself what to tell you next.  More about what Bernie does NOT know, or more about what George Dulchinos DOES know?

Best Wishes.

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