As Democratic Bernie Couris is starting finding his voice for his campaign and it looks like he is locked in on the current Board of Supervisors, alleging they are inflexible and not listening to the residents. As I stated in my last newsletter, if he took the time to watch all the township videos on the website, he would come up to speed. As a side note, the former Administration famous for doing what it wanted, was pressured into videoing the meetings and posting them on the website, but they removed all those videos the next year. That way, if you wanted to refer back, any evidence was gone that might prove that the minutes did not match the video. This Administration has kept the videos up since 2014. You can see exactly what was said, in what context and why. More transparency. Find another township that does this.

Now Bernie talks about this lack of discussion again in another post. He says on his facebook page (and I quote):

“During the meeting, a neighbor asked, “Why are there no planned discussions regarding the plans to purchase part of Bryn Coed Farms? Why haven’t we gotten to hear from the Open Space Committee?”
Good question, right?
The Board of Supervisors says they will have a public hearing after they have formed a plan of action.
My concern, and I bet it is yours as well, is that this will be the Chester Springs Gate discussion all over again. Here’s the pattern:

Promise to hold a hearing/discussion.
Allot minimal time at a Township meeting.
Vote immediately afterwards as if the BoS had already made up their minds before hearing from the public.

They have not been flexible when residents raise valid concerns and ideas. The voice of the township is not being heard.”

Once again, his is either blissfully unaware of what has been going on (all in public) or he is grossly misleading the public.

The Board of Supervisors have spoken at length about the property. It is easy to see this by just watching the videos. In 2017, Bryn Coed was discussed at the following BoS meetings

March 6
March 20
April 17
June 5
July 3
August 7
August 21
September 5
September 18

I don't think you can truly say "The voice of the township is not being heard".   Bryn Coed has been discussed at 9 of the 20 meetings held so far this year.   It looked like Mr. Couris was in attendance at several of those meetings so he should have known.  While he may not know or understand what is going on, he could just ask George Dulchinos, George could answer his questions. He has been to almost every BoS meeting for the last 5+ years and therefore demonstrated a long term interest in the Township affairs.

Best Wishes.

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