For the last 4 years (maybe more), there has been an issue with the intersection of Eagle Farms Road and South Chester Springs Road.  With the advent of the Eagle Farms Development, approved by the Miller Administration, there was fear that South Chester Springs Rd would take too much traffic. That road runs from Eagle Farms Rd to Conestoga Road (Rt 401). The former administration haphazardly agreed to blocking the road for the residents with a gate to pacify them. It's a big problem now since there is not enough room to turn around at the end of the road. The approved design was not thought through and there is not the room for a proper size cul-de-sac. As far back as January 2016, in his sadly short lived stint as Roadmaster, David Monteith was on site to try to resolve the issue.

Now democrat Supervisor Candidate Bernie Couris jumps in and says, on his Facebook page, "“I myself urged the BoS to at least look into having a road study done -- a simple, logical step. The BoS did not appear interested in what we had to say."

Ah.  Now Bernie has only been attending Supervisor meetings since this last March.  I
f he had been to earlier meetings he would have seen just how often the subject had been publicly discussed.  How most solutions had been discussed, and discussed, and discussed. If he had wanted he could have watched, by video, every meeting since 2014. After all this discussion Bernie's new suggestion that a road study might help was naive to say the least. But I think I know why the BoS were not interested in his actual suggestion.  He made his suggestion on 16th October.  If you look at  http://www.westvincenttwp.org/wp-content/uploads/Pennoni-Report-10-2017.pdf you will find a roads report dated 12th October.  Nothing to beat being wise after the event hey?

Read the 2 page report. It clearly summarizes that blocking the road is inconsistent with the Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (written prior to the current Administration, done in the Miller years) nor permitted by Penndot regulations without the loss of Liquid fuel Tax monies for maintenance. The Township has no control over PennDot regulations, they must abide by them.

Bernie goes on to say "
Smart Planning and Transparency are cornerstones of my platform" as though that's all new.  Well, smart planning in the first place would certainly have helped.  But that decision was made by the now discredited old administration, led by Ken Miller. I think the current supervisors are doing pretty well at Smart Planning.   And transparency?  I had no problem finding the above report on the township website, it's there, clear as day.

The old Administration would ignore the ordinances for friends and use them against it's enemies.  John Jacobs and Mike Schneider, with the future support of George Dulchinos, will continue to be doing their best to right these past wrongs.

Best Wishes.

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