I've had a few letters inquiring about my health.  Thank you.  Still a couple of problems to solve, heart and kidneys, but
I'm feeling much better.
I received an email from a long time subscriber the other day asking my opinions on the forthcoming elections so thought that I would share the information with the you. So, first, 
if I was in West Vincent and able to vote I would be voting for George Dulchinos (Republican Candidate for Supervisor) and Suzanne Nastase (Candidate for Inspector of Elections) and I will give you some information about them

Both have been personally visiting residents for some time now.
George's website is https://www.votegeorge2017.com/home. He knows what needs to be done to continue the clean up the 20 years of neglect the last Administration has left behind. 

Suzanne has been living in West Vincent for a couple decades, starting in Matthews Meadows and served as a founding member of the Park and Rec Committee. She is an incumbent running for re-election and has been instrumental in cooperating to clean up and streamline the voting process at the Firehall.  She has been doing a good job and I believe she should continue.

George Dulchinos is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (http://rpi.edu/about/index.html) with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He is now involved in developing Software for the Engineering field at the world renowned Bentley Systems. He and his wife, Thomaseth, are founding members of the Historic Birchrunville Neighborhood Association (https://www.historicbirchrunville.org) which successfully protected the crossroads of Birchrunville from a plan to put 3 office buildings on the old schoolhouse property. An incomprehensible idea allowed by specially-altered zoning from the previous administration, it would have destroyed the entire element of the back country crossroads village. He supports the protection of the Bryn Coed property and has, in fact, protected his 20 acres in Birchrunville under Act 319. The house he and his wife purchased over 20 years ago in Birchrunville is a historic property from the early 1800's (https://www.votegeorge2017.com/birch-run-farm) which has been restored, or has he likes to say, "continually being restored". It never stops because things always need attention.

George is currently an elected auditor for the Township and has attended the Board of Supervisor meetings for over 5 years on an extremely regular basis. He also attends the Planning commission meetings and some of the the other committees as time permits. Depending on Zoning Hearing Board meetings, this means that he attends typically 4-6 meetings each month, as a concerned citizen that wants to stay informed. He is well versed in all aspects of the Township from debt (originally $7 million just for Open Space), to the roads program now in place since the new Supervisors took over which included a survey performed on the entire roads system, and knows what needs to be done to continue the clean up the 20 years of neglect the last Administration has left behind.  

I will continue with information and connections of the candidates, barring any emergency health issues.
Best Wishes.

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