You may have noticed I have not sent many newsletters out this year.  There's a couple of reasons for that.  First is that although there have been some issues there are not so many problems nowadays under the current administration.  Second reason is I've not been well, with several stays in hospital.  One was an allergy causing the skin to peel off over the whole of my body.  Now cured but painful for a while. Also problems with heart, kidneys and a hernia.  But I'm 78, still here and planning to be around for a while yet!

So. Many years ago, the old West Vincent Administration (Ken Miller, Zoe Perkins and Clare Quinn) took great pride in changing the building setback on any property to 150 feet from any waterway. That meant that if you had a creek, stream, or pond, etc on your property, you could not build within 150 feet of that waterway. I'll not give an opinion on whether this was a good or bad ordinance. Only the fact that they were very proud that it was adopted. Especially Zoe Perkins who proclaims to be a keen environmentalist.

Zoe lives on Birchrun Rd near Birchrunville. She owns a house on each side of the street and lives in one, the other she rents out.  One house has a garage but the other, on the Birchrun side, did not, until recently. Now there is a car shed that has recently been constructed, probably only some 60 feet from the creek. Here is the approximate location from the creek:

Ms. Perkins did go in front of the Zoning Hearing Board and asked for a waiver from her ordinance. The Zoning Board granted her request. Again, I'm not going to give an opinion on the Zoning Hearing Board. They made their decision. Here is the garage

What I want to point out is the audacity of Ms. Perkins to do exactly what she did not want others in the Township to do by banning this type of infringement upon riparian buffers. By passing this ordinance, she virtually stripped the property rights of many people in the township but is practicing “Do as I say, not as I do”. This is indicative of the way the former Administration worked when she was a Supervisor. Ordinances were viewed by those in power as something others had to follow.The building has been pushed to the far end of the property instead of near the road, creating more impervious surface than needed. Why is it that the environmentalists get the waivers on their own laws and restrictions? You would think that those that are the self proclaimed “protectors of the environment” would adhere to a higher standard and be the leaders in showing that they walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Thankfully, the two newest Supervisors, Jacobs and Schneider, do indeed walk the walk.

Best Wishes.

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