The Weatherstone Commercial area is finally starting to move forward. This area of the Weatherstone community was part of the package for the people that bought homes in the residential section of the development located in Ludwigs Corner built by the Hankin Group. The plan is located here http://www.westvincenttwp.org/wp-content/uploads/Hankin-Group_WS-Commercial-Area.pdf

Over the years, there were several problems dealing with the former Administration. There was the attempt by the Miller-Quinn-Perkins board to force a take-over the Weatherstone sewage facility prematurely. They had promised sewage to the (not yet built at the time) West Vincent Elementary School without the ability to do so. Then, there was the court case in which Judge Sarcione stated about (and thankfully now former) Township attorneys Allen Greenwood and Stephen V Siana: "Considering the solicitor's conduct against the backdrop of the substantial liability of his law partner, Stephen V. Siana, Esq.'s corporate interest to a member of The Hankin Group... we are persuaded that the smoke rising from WVA's allegations (are) the product of a fire stoked by legitimate conflict of interest concerns," Sarcione wrote. "Whether or not there was actual bias here, by failing to recuse themselves in the matter at bar, the solicitor, special counsel, their law firm and the board have enabled the consumer to case credible aspersions against the integrity of the adjudicatory process."

The entire article is here http://www.phoenixvillenews.com/article/PV/20061218/news01/312189995 which is very enlightening to both newcomers and refreshing memories of longer term residents of West Vincent Township, explaining how backwards the Township was run. The article lists many of the conflicts with this development, the Township Administration and the antics of the Township attorneys.

There is so much more but I want to address but the fact that the Commercial area is on the move. It will not be the same as originally proposed. The Commercial area was stalled from being built by the same Supervisors and when the market crashed in 2007, the builder just walked away from any thought of building the center. Until now, 14 years since the original approval.

Shopping centers are not what they used to be thanks to the Internet and a glut of retail locations. To prevent vacancies and a struggling operation, like so many other ones are (by the way, there is another property literally across Birchrun Road zoned the same way), they came to the Township with an altered plan. This plan is one that includes more apartments and less commercial. While more residents is something that is not relished by many in West Vincent, it will help the commercial area succeed. Further, the developer has the legal ability to change the original plan due to the Settlement plan agreed to in 2007. In addition to this area, the Hankin Group purchased and leveled the abandoned gas station at the corner of Rt 401 and Rt 100 making the neighborhood look better already. So, the commercial area could either get built and help bring in taxes, or sit dormant and potentially getting sold to another builder and end up in court, costing the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

This project was part of the selling point to the residents of Weatherstone and why they bought in the Weatherstone community. This is their neighborhood and finally it will be completed. Congratulations! This is one more mess that the old Administration left behind to be fixed by the newest Supervisors.

Best Wishes.

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