On October 17, there was a Draft 2017 Budget presentation during West Vincent Board of Supervisors meeting . Every year, the township manager presents his budget. In prior years (previous to Mike Schneider and John Jacobs being on the board together) the budget was presented quite quickly. While there were questions and comments, the former Township Manager Jim Wendelgass would claim he has spent “hundreds of hours” (found on my website 9 November, 2014 last paragraph) in putting it together. So he spent over one month of his yearly employment just creating one document and that it was ALLEGEDLY an accurate representation of the upcoming year. Of course, over the last several years, West Vincent overspent by a total of almost $1.4 million dollars (with no emergencies to unpredictably take a chunk of money unexpectedly) so I'm not so sure how accurate the budget really was. Read my emails of 13 March and 16 March 2016 for all of the exact deficit spending. No wonder he was not reappointed in West Vincent Township, and now works for West Pikeland Township.

Back to the presentation. The new Township Manager Eric Batdorf commenced her budget presentation, starting with a very nice PowerPoint display while standing at the lectern and using a microphone so she could clearly be heard. Here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation: http://www.westvincenttwp.org/wp-content/uploads/Budget-Presentation-DRAFT.pdf

After the presentation, she had a question and answer session, taking advice from the audience and I believe some of it was actually incorporated into the budget. What a difference a change in Manager makes. Here is a link to the entire presentation including the question and answer segment from the township video (about 43 minutes long): https://youtu.be/4nPY56NEcNI?t=477

Here is the actual 2017 Draft Budget: http://www.westvincenttwp.org/wp-content/uploads/2017-BUDGET-DRAFT-10-17-2016.pdf

In the budget for 2017, for the first time, there is a line item for building a reserve like all the surrounding Townships have. In past years, the Township never intentionally put away a bit of savings for emergencies or to bridge finances at the beginning of the year when taxes have not yet come in. In past years, the Township would actually borrow money. This is something the people in the audience always asked for but were shunned.

One final note. Here is the current financial status of the Township in the first year with the 24 year Chairman gone: http://www.westvincenttwp.org/wp-content/uploads/ALL-IN-BUDGET-SEPT.pdf  With the new administration in control, every month the public can see how the Township is spending the tax money with MONTHLY Actual vs. Budget reports on the website. These reports were requested by the public for years and ignored. John Jacobs and Mike Schneider got it done and you can view those reports on the website. Currently it looks like West Vincent Township will be UNDER budget (meaning all the money was not spent). This is remarkable considering the transitioning that has happened, leading to some areas of higher expenses in order to start fixing the Township. This should allow more money to go into the aggressive road repair program next year, but more about that later.

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