Hot news came out just a couple days ago. There is a PRELIMINARY agreement between the Natural Land Trust and the Dietrich property “Bryn Coed Farm” to preserve a large part of it and carving the rest up into 50 acre estates, thereby limiting development. This has been a process that has been talked about ad nauseam for well over a decade by the former West Vincent Township Administration. While they gave lip service about saving the almost 1500 acre tract, the Supervisor team of Ken Miller, Zoe Perkins and Clare Quinn (the people that gave West Vincent the Eminent Domain of the Horseshoe grounds) re-wrote zoning, creating lucrative development opportunity for an office park and convention center with hotel on the Bryn Coed property. You may ask, "If the property value increases, how does that affect it's preservation?" Here's how. The gain from the increase in value comes to the property owner. Since the value increases, the purchase price stands to increase.This increased value of the property means more money is required to be leveraged in order to even attempt to protect the ground.  

The next question one would ask, "Why would the Supervisors (at the time of the zoning change) do this and is there a benefit to them?" The former Supervisors did it knowing that they would have the land for campaign signs (there is lots of road frontage) and influence with some residents in the community. The BOS constantly spoke of how they were working to protect the property, scaring people into believing they were the only ones that could or WOULD get the job done. This also was the continuing sale pitch that they were working to preserve the property, which never, ever happened.

This is the same thing the former Supervisors did when offering potential TDR money to landowners, Forget the fact that there was no more money available, making what they were saying a complete fabrication. That was the carrot. The stick was "but if I don't get re-elected, I can't get you the TDR's", so the people would influence all of their friends to vote for Miller, Perkins, Quinn. People will often vote for the person that promises them the most, for their personal gain.

Here are the newsletters I have written about the property. This has all the documentation to back up my claims, as usual.

4 December 2012
9 December 2012
14 December 2012

I implore you to read  these articles to become familiar with what the former Administration has done, all the while telling the public that they were trying to preserve Bryn Coed and protect the township. It was all basically a lie. This was just like what they did with the old schoolhouse, former township building property in Birchrunville. They changed the zoning to make it more valuable to sell and then ended up costing the taxpayers of fortune in order to "preserve" the property.

Below is a great article about the potential preservation of the Bryn Coed farm. Nothing is guaranteed and both West Vincent and West Pikeland townships will end up putting money to make this work, but it is the closest West Vincent township has actually gotten to preserving the property. Prior to that it seems like everything was simply a bluff  by the former supervisors. Here's to hoping it all works out. The comments section has a statement that is forthright and concise by someone called Flower Child, be sure to read it! It's great to see that the new administration of John Jacobs and Mike Schneider are serious about getting this done.


Best Wishes.


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