Last weekend was the Ludwig's Corner Horse Show. A week earlier I put out the announcement that the Horse Show could use more volunteers for West Vincent's original Community Day. I received this from one of my readers:

"Well, if they hadn't shot (no pun intended) themselves in the foot with the gun club....I would. Traditions, like you said, are important. Selectively choosing which ones to support deceives the public and does not deserve my time as a volunteer."

This is a very important reminder of the damage left by the old administration. Here is the history as I have researched and come to understand it. After the vicious Eminent Domain attack by the West Vincent Supervisors of Ken Miller, Zoe Perkins and Clare Quinn (the irony of this is it was same year that the Horse Show was donating it's proceeds to Open Space), in order for the Eminent Domain to be rescinded, the Township wanted the Gun Club removed from the property.

The Horse Show Association was willing to allow the Gun Club to stay but if the Gun Club stayed there would have been additional legal expenses in the battle and the gun club was not willing to shoulder their share of these expenses. The funds of the Horse Show were already strained due to the battle and sadly this left the Horse Show Association no choice but to cut the cord with the gun club after a four decade friendly relationship. The Horse Show could not afford to pay to carry on the fight that would have continued if the Gun Club stayed.

This issue was forced upon the Horse Show. The Horse Show Association did not initiate this issue nor did condone it, but they certainly had to make a decision.

My point to this is that things sometimes are far more complicated than they appear, and this is a perfect example, which I have tried to simplify. In the end, this is holding the Horse Show responsible for something completely out of their control. At the same time, it is perfectly understandable since most do not know the entire story. Thank you for sending me that note!

Best Wishes. 


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