One week from today, the 73rd Ludwig's Corner Horse Show will open it's doors, a tradition in West Vincent Township and Chester County. If you have never been there, you should go. It is throwback to a simpler time. There is all sorts of stuff to do there, games to participate in and even a nice little car show.

Events like this are non-profit and any money they make pays the taxes on the property, which is used for several events as well as youth sports practicing for which they charge almost nothing. Any additional monies earned are donated to other non-profit organizations. The Ludwig's Horse Show is a great neighbor and a prime example of privately held open space, which costs the taxpayers nothing.

Won't you consider volunteering a few hours of your day over Labor Day weekend and help be part of a tradition? Here's how: http://ludwigshorseshow.com/volunteers/want-volunteer/

Get a free T-shirt, some sun and fun.

Best Wishes. 


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