Summertime is a great time for vacations, outside recreation, and tending to gardens, waiting for the harvest, abundant with vegetables. I thought I would take the time to share a picture of your $35,000 Community Garden so you can see the progress. This was the brainchild of former Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Ken Miller, placing it in an area that was stockpiled with fill and anything else other than topsoil. The ground is anything but fertile (except for weeds). According to the Township, 23 plots are rented.

In fairness, this picture is about a month old. Even after my email (10 May and 13 May, 2016) about joining the garden, still no takers. West Vincent even has a 2 for 1 deal going on. How much better can it get? Yet nothing. I guess they could throw in a gardener for you so that it is maintained properly. But alas, that isn't going to happen. There are those in the West Vincent administration such as Bill Dietrich (Planning Commission & Park and Recreation member) and Sara Shick (Planning Commission member) that are repeatedly insistent that public water MUST be made available to this operation. A cost approximated at $10,000 plus ongoing consumption charges, all to be shouldered by the taxpayers.

Sadly, this picture simply shows the best thing growing is weeds. When this picture was taken, the thistle (a noxious weed as classified by Pennsylvania, https://plants.usda.gov/java/noxious?rptType=State&statefips=42) was well into bloom, and growing with vigor. I assume the Township never put any requirements on the renters on maintaining the property, or it wouldn't look the way it does.

Well, if you need some milkweed or thistle, stop by and pick it. You paid for it. Better yet, just wait, it's seeds will drift over to your yard soon enough.

Best Wishes. 


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