The Roads Report was addressed at the Board of Supervisors meeting of 1 August, 2016. Here is a road map color coded to identify the condition:

The key is rather small in the picture so here are the color designations which are from 10(best) to 0(worst):
Paved Roads       Gravel Roads
Green: 8-10          Stripe Green: 8-10

Lt Green: 6-7.5     Stripe Lt Green: 8-10
Orange: 4-5          Stripe Orange:4-5
Red: 0-3

I attached the report to the email of 23 July, 2016 but if you missed it, here it is: http://www.westvincenttwp.org/wp-content/uploads/Draft-WVT-Roads-report.pdf

Of the 35 miles of paved road in West Vincent Township, 1/7th of them are rated in extremely poor condition. One of the campaign issues stated by now Supervisor David Brown when he was running of Supervisor  (and supported by the former Chairman of the Board and Roadmaster) was the great services provided with a high tax base. Roads are the most essential service and these paved roads have been turning back to dirt for a decade! Mr. Brown has been in office for 4 years and did nothing to push through a comprehensive Roads program. Instead, he let the Chairman/Roadmaster errantly squander money. This program was initiated by John Jacobs and Mike Schneider within weeks of Mike Schneider taking office. I hate to bring up Blackhorse Road again but that was over $200,000 to do a couple hundred yards of road, that is already crumbling on the edges and now has created issues for some of the residents on that road.

The estimated cost to get the paved roads back to a good condition will be around $2,900,000 (Two Million, Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars) which will take about 10 years to complete. This will include the work to the gravel roads and it is approximated that the work in total will be around $5,000,000 (Five Million Dollars). The concept is to spend about $500,000 per year on projects in a serious manner to get this work done. Expensive projects will be split over two years. Don't confuse this with the past overpriced hack jobs, make work projects for the former Roadmaster's friend. This is a solidly researched and engineered plan to get the roads back in order.

Here is the start of the video where the discussion starts about the Roads and Road Report: https://youtu.be/LK8zAw7y9xw?t=3241

It is slightly over one hour but it will tell you everything you need to know. If you care about your township and your tax dollars, you will watch (or at least listen to) this video and see how projects should be approached, with competing outside bids, instead of a preferred assisting roads contractor to the roads department.

I found it humorous that the engineer states that storm water drain systems on gravel roads are not a good idea because the pipes just fill with stone. This was one of the former Roadmaster's favorite projects, spending tons of money on this type of drainage. And guess what? They all fill with gravel, and you paid for it! There is one drain on Jaine Lane at Horseshoe Trail that hasn't functioned in YEARS because it is completely filled. Here's to better roads in West Vincent, slowly but surely! Please watch the video. It is a wealth of information about your Township.

Best Wishes. 


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