At the July 5 Board of Supervisors meeting, a question was raised under Public Comment about an alleged parade that took place in Birchrunville. Many people made comments about the parade that wasn't supposed to happen, and to see the entire 10 minute discussion click on the following link: https://youtu.be/H6GnzFbLozU?t=3200

According to one person, it wasn't a parade where cars and people would march down a public street, it was a wonderful little get together of some neighbors. The same person that said to the Township Secretary to not put this conversation into the public minutes. The recorded history of Township business. The very actions reminiscent of the former Administration. In fact, the former administration of Miller, Perkins and Quinn shut down the Birchrunville parade 10 years ago. Now the parade looks rather fun to me, but whether it goes on, or not, is not my concern. Nobody can prove that it happened, or that it was parade at all according to those at the meeting.

The draft minutes have just been published on the township website, with a one line entry for the entire 10 minute discussion: http://www.westvincenttwp.org/wp-content/uploads/DRAFT-BOS-Minutes-07-05-16.pdf.  Unusually, they were not circulated to the township mailing list.

All I want to do is point out that it happened, and is against the law. It happens, exclusively to certain residents as a private party. It has happened every year since it was shut down. Here are some photos, sent to me by several residents, of the 2016 Birchrunville non-parade.  I think you can determine what it isn't supposed to be. You will see, once again, supporters of the old Administration aren't being truthful, once again.

Best Wishes. 


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