As the month of June draws to a close, I would like to say how nice it has been to not see outrageous bills this year from the Miller supported Road Department assist company of D&L Construction, LLC. You remember the company that I have spoken of on many occasions? The one that changed the $75,000 Blackhorse Road repave project into a $205,000 cash register. The company that kept switching names, in order to keep getting paid. D&L Paving and Excavating, D&L Construction. All done with the cooperation of the former Township manager who is now running West Pikeland. God help that Township! D&L Construction, formerly the bankrupt DL Fleck.  D&L Construction, the company that constantly wasn't insured properly or had the proper performance Bonds in place but still allowed to work, again with the help of the former Township Manager. One has to wonder what kind of pictures Mr. Fleck had of the Township Manager to allow such illegalities to continue for so long. To refresh your memory of the old way of doing things, read one of many newsletters on the subject,13 December 2015. Do the residents really want to go back to those days? I don't think so.

The D&L contract is over in August. The road crew seems to do a fair job and anything else such as paving should be bid out, just like other townships do. But if West Vincent should decide to continue the practice of bidding to have the preferred contractor to help the Road Crew, here, here, and here, is a list of the debt, judgments and government tax liens against the company and it's Principals. May this be a reminder of the history of West Vincent's former practices and what John Jacobs and Mike Schneider came to fix. Corruption.

Best Wishes. 


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