Remember the rocks illegally put in the the Bartlett Rd right of way that I wrote about on 4 January and 18 January 2016? It looks like they went from being moved to being removed, as in, gone.

Did it take some strategy from the neighbor, Mark Krumanacker? Yes it did. When at first nothing was being done (probably out of fear since the violator was the former Township attorney), the neighbor installed posts in the Right of Way of the road, at about the same distance as the rocks of the violator. Clearly, if it was legal to install rocks, certainly the Township wouldn't mind a few posts.  When Mr. Krumanacker received a cease and desist on his posts, he promptly removed them. The Township realized the need to resolve the situation and one resident having preferential treatment of another went out with the last Administration. And so it has done what needed to be done.

While the road drainage area has been disrupted (again illegal) and not been restored, I am sure it will be when the road crew is ditching the road edges.

Another step forward towards getting things right. Yes, it took time. Lot's of time. But without the new Administration, this would have been impossible and they should be congratulated. Here are pictures before

And after

Best Wishes. 


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