Several newsletters ago I wrote about West Vincent Township deficit spending. Those can be found on my website and the dates are March 13 and March 16, 2016. In those newsletters, I proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt that for 3 years (2013, 2014, 2015) West Vincent Township spent more than it brought in in Revenue to the amount of One Million, Three Hundred and Twenty Nine Thousand Dollars ($1,329,000).

In a review of audits conducted by the Township auditors Barbacane-Thornton, it turns out that in 2012, West Vincent Township overspent in the amount of $115, 515, pushing the deficit spending for 4 years in a row to a total of One million, Four Hundred Forty Four Thousand, Five Hundred and Fifteen Dollars ($1, 444, 515), or almost a million and a half dollars overspent in 4 years, That comes to an average of the township bleeding cash at $361,128.75 per year.  That is almost $1,000 PER DAY overspend.  Or to put it another way, it has been costing the average family of 4 more than $300 per year, JUST IN OVERSPEND.

Here is a link to the Audit: http://westvincent2012auditreport.blogspot.com

In the current light of the recent Daily Local article and the revelation of another year of deficit spending, a review of books should be done to see if any of this mismanagement directed money or goods to places it shouldn't have gone. Residents should be concerned. Unless you don't care about where and who gets your tax dollars, potentially illegally.

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