An interesting article appeared in yesterday's newspaper.


A person has been accused of embezzling funds from the Kimberton Fire Company. The name of the person is the same as one of the West Vincent Road Crew, who also happens to be a member of the Kimberton Fire Company. Hopefully it is not the same person. If it is, certain things should be considered seriously.

One, he is innocent until proven guilty and hopefully he is not guilty. The court of public opinion doesn't count. This could very well be a misunderstanding or a clerical error.

Two, I would hope that the Township would do perform a thorough review of expenditures made by the Roads Department for the last several years. Not because this employee would have taken anything from township but because it is good practice to do so and this article shows how things can slip through the cracks. I have already proven in past emails about the Roads Department that the former Roadmaster and Chairman of the Board was approving no-bid purchases to companies that allegedly were on the Pennsylvania COSTARS program but actually were not. COSTARS is a system by which a company has proven to be the low bidder to the State and can circumvent the normal process. Purchasing from a non-COSTARS participant without bidding in itself was illegal (because the materials purchased need to have been publicly bid) and a thorough review of the Roads Department spending should be looked at as I have previous emphasized.

Best Wishes. 


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