After my last mail I received a lot of comments supporting my point of view but one in opposition which I quote in full:

"You are not getting the point Chickenman.  EVERY RECREATIONAL ACTIVITY IS FUNDED BY TAXES!!!!!  This is no different than a playground that only children use.  Next thing you will want to stop the senior centers and disabled bus service."

Hmmm.  Here's my reply

"Haha! I certainly AM getting the point!  And so far all my correspondents (barring only yourself) agree with me.

You say EVERY RECREATIONAL ACTIVITY IS FUNDED BY TAXES???? .  What about LCHSA?  Or the local hunt?  Or the boy scouts?  Or the people who dig in their own gardens.  I could go on.  And on.  Someone just suggested to me that WVT should build a bar with free drinks in the township building, they could give an awful lot of of people an awful lot of pleasure for the exact same outlay.  Maybe, and this is my idea, they could open it after each BOS meeting thus encouraging more people to attend and have their say in the community?

Sadly the situation is this.  WVT is a rural community. Most of the inhabitants live in houses with big gardens, sometimes bigger than they really want, that they have paid for, and therefore they have no use for community gardens.  They think, and I agree, that if a developer chooses to maximize his profits by building a load of houses on tiny plots, then he, the developer, should be responsible for making gardens available to those that desire it.  NOT the community."

Here are extracts from some other comments:

"...snipped....Not the taxpayers responsibility! "

"I still say it should be on the H.O.A or the developer."

"How can one guy expect the taxpayers to fund this water / garden project?"

"If I, a taxpayer, pay for any of this then I will go down and harvest my share.  Just try and stop me.  Really tired of freeloaders...  You want it you F'ing pay for it."

"I have an even better idea! A "sustainable" (there's that word again) cistern fed with storm water from the street and a hand pump. I'd chance storm run off ahead of chlorine. A low cost renewable resource."

"Why in the world – when we live in the country – with a minimum of 2.5 acres does someone need a community garden?"

"I suggest Mr. Dietrich build his own garden on his own property and not make all of us subsidize his demand for fresh vegetables."

"There is already an INSTALLED hydrant on Westover Lane towards Birchrun Road."

"You never cease to amaze, Chickenman."

"Suggestion: there are professional sustainable farmers in northern Chester County who support themselves with their produce sales (Maisies Farm, for example - I know it's up for sale, but I think the farmers are still there. Also Lundale Farm - there are some organic farmers there, too). If anyone knows what water source is best to use, it would have to be farmers whose success depends upon the quality and safety of their products. Would Dietrich listen to them? If not, he's a bonehead and sounds like they're stuck with him, either way."

Editor's note: It should be noted that that the Community Garden is not allowed for commercial use and the reader is only stating that there are professionals to talk with that could advise the best sources of water.

"Next they will want a camera in there because angry taxpayers will want to help themselves to some of the veggies that they help cultivate with the monthly water supply."

"I am all for a community garden, but don't make me pay for a hobby that seems to be a endless money pit to the taxpayers."

"I agree, a water main to nowhere is pointless. I suspect that over time, 25 subscribers will be a wishful number. Most do-good projects like this are eventually deserted. As Mr. Dietrich endures the dehabilitations of increased age, do you really suppose that his children or any of the "new" generation have any desire to dirty their hands in a community garden? Seeing the new youth, as charming as they may be,  I'm inclined to doubt any interest in a community garden by the next generation. Simply look around at all the social groups, from garden clubs to hound hunts and even country club memberships. Everywhere it's grey hairs, canes and declining memberships.  Youth is off in the corners texting and playing on their electronic devices."

Best Wishes


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