I received a response to my email about West Vincent Township deficit spending in 2015 and 2014 and potentially deficit spending in 2013, here is the mail in it's entirety.

"The 2013 report also includes this line item which does not exist in 2014 or 2015:
   391.00  Proceeds of General Fixed Asset Disposition 875,000
I believe this refers to the cash that was taken out when refinancing the bond; if we did not have this, then 2013 would have been a $475K deficit."

OK, so that confirms my speculation that the borrowed money from the bond refinance propped up the West Vincent Township Administration's run away spending. Now, let's calculate what the real deficit spending is.

2013: $475,000
2014: $529,000
2015: $325,000
Total: $1,329,000 (One million, three hundred twenty-nine thousand dollars)

How is it that the former Manager was bragging about fiscal responsibility? We know for a fact that in 2014 alone, the Roads Department overspent by almost $500,000.  Here is the screenshot from the 2014 Budget vs. Actual report:

I hope that under the new management of Jacobs and Schneider, your tax dollars will be protected, used properly and there will be no deficit spending.

Best Wishes


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