I just changed the headline banner on my website from "Fighting corruption in West Vincent" to "Watching West Vincent".  I think corruption, at least for the moment, has been defeated.  But we have other problems to resolve.  All is not yet perfect in the glorious land of West Vincent Township.  I have already mentioned some instances.  Here's another.

Back at the start of February I received an email from a resident, saying he had just seen a plow knock over his mail box, and who was the Roadmaster?  I had to tell him it was David Monteith but he had just been fired for reasons still unknown.  A few days ago I asked him, how had he got on?  He said no-one had been any help whatsoever and the Township had denied anything had ever happened.  I myself dropped a note to John and Mike.  Within hours the resident had a call from Mike, but up to now has heard nothing at all from John.  It seems all of John's time has been taken pacifying Miller's supporters, by sacking David and increasing the size of the P&R and left with no time to deal with questions from his own supporters. I wonder if there were that many mailboxes or other items damaged by the plow trucks and if so, has anyone else complained and/or gotten satisfaction, or even a reasonable answer?

If David had still been Roadmaster, I think that problem would have been resolved long ago.

I leave it to you to think about it.

There is a BOS meeting Monday night, 7 pm.  Please go.  You are free to ask questions.

Best Wishes