Feb 16 meeting, Part II

During public comment, a person stating that he was representing the Upper St. Matthews Church wanted to discuss the Fellowship Trail project. The former administration seems to have dropped the ball again. The Church claims that they have not heard from the Township since 2014 and they believe that the Trail should be routed through the back of the cemetery. Newest member of the Park and Rec Committee Chip Farnum stated that Chairman Brad Dyer of the committee also believes this and has contacted the interim Township manager and has not received a call back. That performance is much the same as the former manager. She was not in attendance of this meeting.The project will have to be revisited........again.

The Supervisors unanimously passed the Ordinance 168-2016 Park and Recreation Membership (this is to increase from 7-9 members). Steve Meyer, former member and original Chairman of the Parks and Rec Committee came in to support Kristina Casey. He stated the following:

“I saw an email from Chickenman on Kristina Casey. For those who don't know Kristina Casey, she's probably one of the most devoted people we have in this Township and she joined the Park and Recs a couple years ago and does a lot more than just Turkey Trot and Movie Night and I think her like Sara devoted a lot of time to it so I think that people that comment about someone they don't know or don't know how much they spend time they volunteering for the township is irresponsible so Chickenman or whoever's providing that information should clear that up.” Here is the video: https://youtu.be/cvAnE1tI7P0?t=3682

This is a misrepresentation. I stated what are the only things that I have read and seen of what Park and Rec Board public functions are via the public records, you know, the information provided by the Township. There was a claim after she was not reappointed that she is the one that does most of the work. That was verbal. I am sure she is a lovely girl. I have not smeared her performance in any way. In fact, I have not said anything bad about her other than she didn't make it to a meeting, which I immediately corrected. I have even supported that she continues to volunteer and that she does not have to be on the Board in order to continue. Also, Mr. Meyer NEVER stated in that meeting what else Ms. Casey has done or spearheaded to contradict my statement. Just that “she does a lot more than Turkey Trot and Movie Night”. No specifics. A review of the last year's P&R minutes reflect nothing more. I am also sure that Mr. Meyer is a good and dedicated individual and either he received information about my newsletter secondhand or he completely misinterpreted it. In fact, he even stated that they had cancelled meetings due to not having a full agenda. There just isn't that much going on. Sadly, what he said about about my statements is wrong and is now in the public record. All I ask is that people be specific, because right now I have not heard any of the other projects that she does, which again is not to take away from how nice and dedicated she is. Prove me wrong. I'll be happy to publish it. In any event, Ms. Casey is now back on the P&R Board and hopefully will get more help carrying the load, as now the Board consists of 9 people.

Best Wishes


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