The February 1 Meeting minutes are not posted on the West Vincent Website. Draft minutes were listed, but for some reason, they were listed as “February 1, 2015 Board of Supervisors Reorganization Meeting” . The DRAFT minutes are here.

The re-org meeting would have happened almost 30 days prior, on January 4. I have not seen any changes involving the re-org other than the dismissal of Roadmaster David Monteith and the changes moving forward expanding the Park and Rec Board from 7 to 9 members.

After reviewing the February 16, 2016 meeting video, part of my question was answered. There are to be some amendments to those minutes. Here is the overview of the discussion:

Around 14 minutes, Suzanne Roth talks about her comments about Dave Monteith rescuing the road crew not being placed in minutes. Also she was frustrated that she cannot reach anyone in case of an emergency when the Twp Truck was about to go over the hill and into a creek. Also, she speaks to the removal of Roadmaster David Monteith and the impression I am left when watching the video with is that he was removed because the Supervisors aren't sure if they need a Roadmaster. Very strange and unclear as to the intents of what happened.

At 29:45, Suzanne Roth points out the minutes of Feb 1, 2016 do not mention the termination of David Monteith as Roadmaster and her accommodation of his service rescuing the Road crew. The Board made a motion to amend the minutes of Feb 1 for the termination. A second amendment for her accommodation of Dave Monteith for rescuing the road crew. Then the conversation turned to the Roadmaster's report. Originally the conversation gave the impression there was no report, then it came to light there was a report but it was not published. Roadmaster reports have been presented by the past Roadmaster for years. Why would that not continue? Taxpayers have a right know what has been done with their taxes, especially on their roads.

I am not finished with reporting on this meeting. Here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/cvAnE1tI7P0

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