There are some issues brewing in the Township since the committee appointments were made at the Re-Org meeting I addressed the other day. One of the issues involves the Park and Recreation Board. Apparently the P&R Board Chairman Brad Dyer was rather disgruntled that one of his people, a woman named Kristina Casey, was not reappointed.

Kristina Casey and one other member were replaced with new new people named Bill Holderness and Chip Farnum. Mr. Farnum is on the Trash Task force. Both people were selected for their strong experience with building, maintaining and mapping of trails. For years, the residents of West Vincent have been told about the wonderful trail system but nobody really knows where it is. There is no map available even though this project goes back more than 20 years. Why is that? Certain people know where they are, such as Brad Dyer. Unfortunately, that information has yet to be disseminated to the public, instead of being used as the private playground for the elites that know the secret locations. Both Mr. Holderness and Mr. Farnum appear to have been brought in in order to finish the seemingly never ending job of getting this information to the public.

Back to the disposed Ms. Casey. Supervisor John Jacobs has recommeneded that she be placed back on the Board in order to accommodate the demands of Mr. Dyer. It has been claimed she is the one on the committee that orchestrates the Movie Night (no record of attendance) and the Turkey Trot. I think those are the only two events that P&R do throughout the year, plus develop the scheduling for the teams that use the Park. 3 things and Ms. Casey does this work. Which leads me to the question, “What do the other 6 members of the P&R do?”. It seems to me that there isn't much work and if she wanted to volunteer to help, she could still do that. Better yet, ask the members if anyone wants to resign and place her back on the Board. It looks like this board needs to be smaller, not bigger.

After much public discussion,  John Jacobs and David Brown voted to pay to have an Ordinance drafted to expand the Board from 7 to 9 members. Here is the video of the public discussion. Watch it as many good points were made, all ignored:


Newly elected Supervisor Mike Schneider voted wisely voted No. Not one township in Chester County has 9 members on a P&R Board. The City of Philadelphia does, but it handles over 160 facilities, including public pools, playgrounds and Fairmount Park; the largest City Park in the world. Philadelphia works with a budget of about Sixty Million Dollars ($60,000,000). Are you starting to see how ridiculous this is? It is costing the taxpayers money to pacify the Chairman Brad Dyer, Chairman of the P&R Board who did not even attend this meeting to defend the expansion of the Board in order to get his pick back on. If the Board doesn't even care that much, why does this continue. Anyway, have no fear, the P&R Board that cancelled over 25% of its meetings in 2015 will now have a bigger group to do the job that appears to be really done by one member, maybe two. The Board of Supervisors votes on this ordinance at the next Township meeting which is 7 pm tomorrow Tuesday (not today, because of the holiday).

In the meantime, hopefully soon the citizens will actually be able to use the trails that they know exist, but don't know where they are, but which an exclusive few currently get to use privately.

Best Wishes


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