I have previously mentioned to some people, that with the new regime I was hoping I could just stick my feet up and take life gently.  Seems it's not to be. But I'll bring you up to speed with the background for this year.

Since the beginning of the year, there has been a new Supervisor in place, Mike Schneider. His position started on January 4 and he replaces Ken Miller.

The first meeting of the year is called the Re-organization meeting, or Re-Org, and is done every year during the first week of January. The Supervisors took the time to change the Board of Supervisor meeting to the first and third Monday of each month and changed the time to 7 pm (from 7:30) to get people home earlier. Instead of me writing about what happened, here is an article from the Daily Local:


Contrary to the rumors that the entire Roads Department and Police Department (including the Police Chief) would be removed, as well as all the office personnel, it just was not true. Out of approximately 22 Township employees, only two Administration employees were not reappointed. Township Manager Jim Wendelgass (replaced by a Temporary Manager until a permanent one can be found) and Zoning Officer Sandra Cantrell (replaced by an Engineering firm). Roadmaster Ken Miller resigned his position and was replaced by David Monteith.

I find it humorous that the people that supported Ken Miller were upset that some of the committees (such as the Planning Commission and Park and Recreation) had members replaced at the end of their terms. Of course, more members were retained than replaced. In fact, the new Board even reappointed Ken Miller to his position on a Committee, but Miller supporters don't want to mention that fact. They would rather paint the new Majority as people that are hell bent on damaging the township somehow, but with no evidence of any sort to point to that conclusion.

Supervisor David Brown feigned his shock that he was allegedly shunned from the committee decisions.  Yet for some reason he never responded to the email request for his input from Mike Schneider. David Brown is by no means a victim. He is the Supervisor with the most experience of the three and he never made any effort in contacting the other two Supervisors (Mike and John) to select committee members. Why would he do that? David Brown had no need to contact Mike and John as he would have selected the re-appointments with outgoing Ken Miller and (former)Township Manager Jim Wendelgass. Since Brown did not contact the other two members, it would be a fairly accurate conclusion that Brown had a list of re-appointments at the ready.  Quite simply, Brown was shocked that his colleagues initiated and completed the project without him, since he did not heed their request for his input. David Brown most likely planned to just push through what was decided with he and the former administration. Shame on David Brown. I believe the pubic has been exposed to the amount of co-operation Supervisor Brown representing the Old Guard will have with John Jacobs and Mike Schneider. It should be an interesting year.

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