Good news! West Vincent Township finally put up the last two township meeting videos. I was starting to wonder what was going on. A few weeks ago I promised to wrap up my series on Blackhorse Road and coincidently the video of December 28 gives some final numbers courtesy of one of the people in the audience. In brief, it is this:

The former Roadmaster estimated $75,000 (if performed with the road crew and D&L Construction).
Outside bidding was $150,000.
Actual cost (not including the Road crew salaries and operating expenses was $171,000.
The financial OVERRUN after adding in the Road crew costs will exceed $100,000.

There are still issues with the job. Here is the video:  https://youtu.be/bfLSAr2Us-M?t=969 You only need to watch about 90 seconds.

At the same meeting, there is a resident addressing the boulder subject in the Bartlett Road Right of Way. This is done right in front of the property owner, the (former)Township Attorney yet no one uses his name. Very odd. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfLSAr2Us-M&feature=youtu.be&t=539

What will be done about this? Will the road crew remove the boulders with snow plows if there is ever any snow this winter? Who is responsible for damage to a car if the rocks get hit? The landowner for installing them or the Roadmaster/Township for allowing them to stay now that it is public knowledge? The video says the Township has looked at the situation, now two weeks have passed. Was that the old administration or the new administration that reviewed the problem? I hope this gets cleared up before someone is hurt.

Remember, there is a BOS meeting tonight, at 7 pm.  You are welcome to attend.

Best Wishes


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