While I am waiting for the video to appear for the last meeting of the year (December 27, 2015), I would like to address an issue that has been discussed with the township for what seems to be at least 3 weeks.

A resident on Bartlett Lane has performed some modifications to his property which involve extending his landscaping into the Township Right of Way for the road. This includes filling in the drainage area of the road (so it will no longer drain) thus creating a gentle slope from the edge of his property down to the lane instead of the previous steep slope, and placing rocks next to the thoroughfare, actually within the Road Right of Way. This has created a dangerous situation when two vehicles pass. Additionally, if there is heavy rain, the water cannot flow in the shoulder of the road as it has been designed. Here are some pictures of the work:

Here is a satellite picture as the work was being performed. You can see how the road narrows where the work was done

Many do not travel Bartlett Lane so they may not be familiar with it. It is one of the many dirt roads in West Vincent Township. It is fairly narrow and while cars can pass each other, there is little room for error. Now, with the new modifications, you may either wait for opposing traffic to pass or risk damage your vehicle. This is not like a curb that a car would just scrape across or bounce off. These rocks could do serious damage to a car which would create a tow-away situation. Nothing is to be placed in this area maintained by the Township, not a fence and certainly not big rocks. These modifications are to an area that is off limits to property owner alteration, clearly for safety reasons. What kind of person would do such a thing?

A Google Earth picture shows that there were large rocks at the end of the driveway and it looks as if that had already created a dangerous situation:

Resident Mark Krumanacker addressed the Supervisors, never mentioning the property owners name. Neither did the Board or the Manager, Jim Wendelgass. Perhaps is was a courtesy since the violator was sitting in the room? Maybe, but I can tell you it is Township Attorney and Developer Stephen V Siana. While you cannot see him in the video, Mr. Siana is sitting (quietly) directly in front of the the resident complaining to the Township Manager. It's as if Mr Siana gets special dispensation. Watch the video and listen to the conversation:

Best Wishes for the New Year


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