Before the Christmas holiday, I wanted to finish up the Blackhorse Road taxpayer abuse expose. Instead, I have to continue from my last emergency email about the contracts for the Road Crew and the Police Chief. In the last e-mail, I stated. “Potential changes could be vacation day increase, wage increases, pension increases, higher insurance coverage, more employees, severance packages and plenty of other things that will cost the public not only this year, but FOREVER.”

Lo and behold, taxpayers, I was correct. Supervisors Ken Miller and David Brown are defending and pushing for extremely generous SEVERANCE PACKAGES, something not given by ANY of the surrounding townships. In fact, the severance package proposed is unheard of anywhere. It is progressively given, but not at the normal rate of 1-2 weeks per year of service, capped to between 2-6 months. A normal contract for a 6 month severance would take 13-26 years to receive a 6 month severance. Ken Miller and David Brown are supporting one that will be a 6 month severance, accumulated within 7 years. Every employee is eligible for the maximum severance.

This is important because nobody can see into the future and the costs to the township could be a couple hundred thousand dollars. As soon as West Vincent gives this benefit, every other Township in Pennsylvania will have to worry that their employees might point at West Vincent and say that they should have the same thing. This could affect every taxpayer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is a precedent that is very dangerous and severances are rarely found outside of larger corporations and certainly not in townships like West Vincent of less than 5000 people.

The conversation becomes quite heated at the Township meeting of December 14, 2015 and should be watched by everyone. There are several reasons made as to why severance should not be given and when Jim Wendelgass is asked why severance is in the contract, the answer is “it was added at the request of the union”, video time 1:49.14. I could not make that up! Jim Wendelgass is the appointed Township negotiator for the Union contract. It certainly looks like he isn't representing the best interests of the residents/taxpayers.

The motion for the Road Crew Contract was tabled until the meeting of December 28, as well as the discussion of a contract for the Police Chief Michael Swininger. I expect there will be many guarantees in the Police Chief contract that will both surprise and amaze all that attend the meeting, which I highly recommend everyone attend. This is your money and if your don't speak up, you can instead open your wallet! The push will be on by Dave Brown and Ken Miller to get this approved before the new Board takes charge at the beginning of the year, saddling them with the costs and burden.

Here is the link to the entire Township meeting:

Here is a link to the discussion about the new proposed union contract:

Sorry to be sending a newsletter this close to Christmas but it really is quite urgent for as many people as possible to get to the next meeting on Monday 28th December and hear what they have to say, why they are pushing this through at the last minute before a new administration takes over.  I hope you all have a really great Christmas, then get ready to go to the meeting on Monday!

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