Now that the election is over and everybody has had a chance to breathe, it's time to go back to the Blackhorse Rd project, a project that the public was told would be 2 weeks that took 6 weeks and still has problems. As usual, Township videos and minutes are attached and the entire township meeting is available here is you care to see the entire conversation. It is quite enlightening:


Let me start by stating that the Township used an “Engineered” drawing that the public paid for that has no engineer stamp on it, that was not followed. Penndot even made the township do major modifications due to the design dumping huge amount of water onto Rt 100, already a dangerous area on that highway. Why does West Vincent pay good money for worthless design work?

After D&L Construction was proven to be operating under a VOID contract with a grossly undervalued Performance Bond of $10,000 (required 30% of the total amount stated by Manager Jim Wendelgass), which is in my email of 7 October, 2015 with video, work still progressed using D & L Construction. Madness, right? It gets worse.

For two weeks, D & L Construction continued on the job. At the 12 October, 2015 meeting, it was announced that the contract was found to be void. Township Solicitor Steve Siana was paid to determine the obvious. At the September 28 meeting is was clearly read the requirement and shown that if a Performance Bond was not supplied in 20 days, a requirement of the contract, the contract was void. The Bond wasn't even in the Township's possession at the time Ken Miller claimed it was. It is on the video attached to the email from 7 October, 2015.

The Administration decided to get telephonic bids to complete the job since they had no contracted company to complete the work. According to Second Class Township code Section 3102 Letting of Contracts, the Township is allowed to get phone bids up to $19,400. Who won that bid? A company called D&L Paving and Excavating. Here is the conversation:


D & L Paving and Excavating, a company that Jim Wendelgass states is different from D&L Construction, but he did not know who the principals of the company are. Here is the video.


Here are the minutes (under Blackhorse Road Construction) which show that even the Township didn't believe that it was a different company. They list the winning bidder as D&L Construction, not D & L Paving and Excavation.


This job and the financial shuffle gets worse. Stay tuned as I continue to report this project to the end.

Thanks to the voters of West Vincent Township clearly supporting Michael Schneider and 2 years ago doing the same for John Jacobs, hopefully a clean sweep will be made, sorting out all this mess.

Best wishes


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