I received an email from a subscriber, here it is, slightly modified, as requested:

"I've been open minded about the sniping between the sides in the Township debate. Ken Miller partisans just stopped by my house, though, so I asked questions about the legal fees the Township has been paying. In response, I was lied to. Specifically, I was told that the legal fees were being driven by frivolous Right To Know requests and that ALL of the appeals that had gone to the Office of Open Records had been decided in the Township's favor and against the requester.

I checked the docket on OOR's website, and the most recent case involving the Township - from May of this year - was decided against the Township. That tells me 2 things: 1) Ken Miller's proxies are either not knowledgeable about the Township's legal budget or are liars, and 2) money is being wasted on solicitors. As an aside, when I asked why the Township solicitor was not selected by RFP or RFQ, I was told that was something the Township will think about.

I don't know if everything you print is true, but Ken Miller's proxies convinced me today that he should no longer by a supervisor

Best Wishes


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